Engaged Public

Strategies for solving public problems

Who We Are

Engaged Public is a group of strategists developing solutions to solve public problems.

We bridge the gap between people and the policies that impact their lives by engaging citizens and elected officials in deeper conversations about challenging public issues. Our experienced team develops technology solutions that make complex public information educational and actionable, and we offer programs and services that foster collaboration, develop leaders and analyze issues.

The result is what drives us: smarter solutions for the common good.

What We Do

Engaged Public partners with citizens, civic leaders, and public and private stakeholders to tackle complex public challenges head on.

We offer:

  • Policy development and analysis
  • Public engagement
  • Interactive budgets and taxpayer receipts through Balancing Act
  • Complex initiative management
  • Leadership development
  • Facilitation and meeting design
  • Research, report writing, and content production
Balancing Act

Balancing Act is an interactive budget simulation tool for learning about public budgets and the choices elected officials face in the budgeting process. Budgets are one of the most important ways individuals can take action in their communities, so we developed Balancing Act to make it easy - and fun - for citizens to share their input on revenue and spending priorities.

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